Alex Lane
Sir Wilfrid Laurier
TDJ10 D. Brown

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  1. The pieces of wood are only 3/8" wide not 1/2".
  2. The pieces of wood are 3/4" thick not 1".
  3. Used plastic straw instead of metal sleeve.
  4. Used wooden dowel as axel not metal bar.
  5. Rubbed graphite onto dowel instead of polyurothaning it.
  6. Did not put tape on cd wheels.
  7. Used carpenter's glue to hold together frame instead of nails..
  8. Tacky glue wasn't strong enough so I added duct tape.
  9. To keep it close to a 90 degree angle I used metal washers instead of wooden spacers.
  10. Needed to add another washer on the end to keep the axel in place.
  11. Used butcher's twine/string instead of thread.
  12. Didn't need to add glue to keep straw sleeves in place.
  13. I used a nail through the back dowel instead of a taped on hook for the lever.
  14. Didn't use the platform for the mousetrap I cut out because the frame was narrow enough for it to rest on.
  15. Used carpenter's glue to stick mousetrap to frame instead of nails.
  16. Bent the end on the lever into a loop instead of taping the string to the lever's end.
  17. Used a 3/8" dowel instead of a 1/4" for more rotations of the cd wheels per rotation of the axel.
  18. Used a metal coat hanger instead of a plastic one for the lever.
  19. CD wheels are smaller than expected and so my car is smaller.
  20. Needed to bend the lever past 90 degrees so i could fit properly.