Alex Lane
Sir Wilfrid Laurier
TDJ10 D. Brown

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Problem Statement:

To research, design, construct, test, modify and report on a moving vehicle powered only by the energy stored in a spring from a mouse trap which will ...

Design Criteria:

The vehicle may contain the following:
• The car must use a standard mousetrap(1 3/4” * 3 7/8”) provided by instructor
• Rat trap or any other size besides standard are not allowed
• The spring on the mousetrap is the sole power source.
• No rubber bands or extra power boosters of any kind will be allowed
• The spring on the mousetrap can be cut and bent, but not heat-treated or chemically altered in any way.
• The maximum length of the vehicle is 18”, doesn't include lever arm.
• All material used to construct the vehicle must be non-hazardous (ie. No latex …)
• NEW (UPDATE) -- NO kits!!! -- the design must be an original constructed item, not just an assembly of prefricated items...

Supplies Provided by Instructor

• One standard mousetrap (1 3/4” * 3 7/8”)
• Two pieces of approximately 3/8”x 3/4”x 24” wood strips

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Treat this challenge like a Junkyard Wars competition, find and use material that is available to you from home, there should be no real cost to you, however, if you find you need to buy something don't spend more than $5.00 in total.